How to unlock Samsung S337TL, S737TL, J727T, J727T1 T-MOBILE/MetroPCS (Exynos phones), direct unlock by SamKey TMO, without App Unlock, No Root, No Knox trip.

How to use SamKey TMO unlock Samsung S737TL, J727T, J727T1, S337TL T-MOBILE, MetroPCS

WARRANTY VOID (KNOX) must be 0 (0x0) for unlocking Exynos Series !!!
For checking WARRANTY VOID, Press and hold Volume DOWN + Power button,
and when go to Download Mode:

1) Power ON phone WithOUT SimCard

2) Disable PATTERN / PASSWORD / IRIS Lock / FingerPrint

3) Enter *#0808# > Select DM+ACM+ADB

4) Connect phone to USB Cable
* Install USB Drivers for SAMSUNG USB Modem
* Install USB Drivers for SAMSUNG Diagnostic Port

5) Run SamKEY, tick on ‘Exynos Series’ option

6) Press Calculate SEC , Wait until finish

7) Disconnect phone from USB Cable

8) Enter *#0*# in phone > TEST MENU will be displayed, let it be on TEST MENU

9) Connect to UART (RJ45) Cable and Press Write SEC

How to use SamKey TMO unlock S337TL, S737TL, J727T, J727T1 (Exynos phones)
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