How to unlock Samsung S337TL, S737TL, J727T, J727T1 T-MOBILE/MetroPCS (Exynos phones), direct unlock by SamKey TMO, without App Unlock, No Root, No Knox trip.

How to use SamKey TMO unlock Samsung S737TL, J727T, J727T1, S337TL T-MOBILE, MetroPCS

WARRANTY VOID (KNOX) must be 0 (0x0) for unlocking Exynos Series !!!
For checking WARRANTY VOID, Press and hold Volume DOWN + Power button,
and when go to Download Mode:

1) Power ON phone WithOUT SimCard

2) Disable PATTERN / PASSWORD / IRIS Lock / FingerPrint

3) Enter *#0808# > Select DM+ACM+ADB

4) Connect phone to USB Cable
* Install USB Drivers for SAMSUNG USB Modem
* Install USB Drivers for SAMSUNG Diagnostic Port

5) Run SamKEY, tick on ‘Exynos Series’ option

6) Press Calculate SEC , Wait until finish

7) Disconnect phone from USB Cable

8) Enter *#0*# in phone > TEST MENU will be displayed, let it be on TEST MENU

9) Connect to UART (RJ45) Cable and Press Write SEC