SamKey MSL

SamKey MSL Repair Certs, Repair IMEI, Unlock MSL Samsung, Fix IMEI null Samsung.

Samkey MSL is a new service by us for phones which are not yet supported by Samkey (Code Reader) for unlock by MSL and with Samkey MSL tool you can repair Cert and IMEI as well (Please check your Country Laws before using it)

SamKey MSL
SamKey MSL

SamKey MSL Features

– Unlock by MSL code, Unlock SIM, Unlock Network
– Repair Certs
– Repair IMEI

What is Repair Certs, Repair IMEI ?

SamKey MSL fix phones which are damage by others tools and have 00000000000 IMEI  or certs damage phone with no network.

Models Supported
ALL Qualcom and Exynos

Download SamKey MSL

SamKey MSL v1.00

SamKEY MSL v1.00 Released !
– Unlock by MSL (Phones which is not possible to read codes: new 2018 versions)
– Repair IMEI/CERT

SamKey MSL Pricing

Unlock by MSL : 30 USD for 1 Phone 

These phones, Can not be unlocked by SamKEY or no other tool at the moment, Only by MSL !

A520F BIT4 (2018) 
N950U BIT3 (2018)

Repair IMEI/CERT All SAMSUNG (Single IMEI) : 100 USD for 1 Phone
Repair IMEI/CERT All SAMSUNG (Double IMEI) : 130 USD for 1 Phone

How to use SamKey MSL 

How to Unlock A520F Level 4 (BIT4) ?

– Write Combination BIT4 to phone : DOWNLOAD
– Run SamKEY MSL
– Press Sync ADB
– Send us “MSL address”
– You will receive “security file”
– Load SEC > select security file > press Sync ADB again !