SamKey Box Dongle – Unlock Samsung Phone, Unlock T-Mobile Directly

SamKey Box Dongle direct unlock Samsung T-Mobile Phone without App Unlock, No Root, Keep orignal IMEI, Unlock all Samsung T-Mobile: Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 S8 Plus,… SamKey Box (Dongle) Unlock Galaxy S7 S7 Edge T-Mobile.

SamKey Box (Dongle) Direct Unlock Samsung Phone, Unlock T-Mobile Phone Without App Unlock

SamKey Box (Dongle) Features

– Direct permanent unlock Samsung T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint and Verizion

– Only USB cable is required for unlock, no ROOT, no Knox trip

– No change IMEI – keep orignal IMEI after unlocked

– Support unlock all Samsung T-Mobile phone model 2017, 2018:
Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 S8 Plus, Galaxy S7 S7 Edge, Galaxy J7 Prime,…

– Phone’s WARRANTY, USER-DATA, MEMORY remains Untouched

– Works instantly, fast.

– Fully Independent server, working 24/7.

– Supports Latest 2017, 2018 Firmware versions.

– Supports all Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1 and Android 8.0

– Supports Latest 2017, 2018 security Patches.

Download SamKey Box (Dongle) Setup

Few Major Clarification
* Only USB cable is required for unlock
* This solution makes Phone 100% PERMANENT UNLOCKED
* Phone will remains UNLOCKED even if you upgrade firmware
* UART (RJ45) Cable required for Exynos Phones !

How to use SamKey Box (Dongle)

Just connect the phone by usb cable with USB debugging enabled, open SamKey Box (Dongle) and click Calculate SEC, After calculation operation finished, wait for phone to boot up (on HOME Screen), click Write SEC. Waiting for operation finished, phone is unlocked !!!
>>> Detail:

Supported models

Exynos Phones (5 Credits : Until 01/03/2018)
SM-S550TL (Galaxy On5)
SM-S737TL (Galaxy J7 Sky TracFone)
SM-J327T (Galaxy J3 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J327T1 (Galaxy J3 Prime MetroPCS)
SM-S337TL (Galaxy J3 Luna Pro TracFone)
SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime MetroPCS)

Qualcomm Phones (5 Credits : Until 01/03/2018)
SM-G892U (Galaxy S8 Active) T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/…
SM-G950U/U1 (Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/…) > Binary 1 , Binary 2
SM-G955U/U1 (Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/…) > Binary 1 , Binary 2
SM-N950U/U1 (Galaxy Note8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/…) > Binary 1 , Binary 2
SM-G930T (Galaxy S7 T-Mobile)
SM-G935T (Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile)
SM-G930T1 (Galaxy S7 MetroPCS)
SM-G935T1 (Galaxy S7 edge MetroPCS)
SM-G930P (Galaxy S7 Sprint)
SM-G935P (Galaxy S7 edge Sprint)
SM-G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon)
SM-G930VL (Galaxy S7 TracFone)
SM-G935V (Galaxy S7 edge Verizon)
SM-N930T (Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile)
SM-N930T1 (Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS)
SM-N930V (Galaxy Note7 Verizon)
SM-N930P (Galaxy Note7 Sprint)
SM-J327P (Galaxy J3 Emerge Sprint) Removed
SM-J727P (Galaxy J7 Perx Sprint) Removed

Old Qualcomm Phones (Always 5 Credits)
SM-G920P (Galaxy S6 Sprint)
SM-G925P (Galaxy S6 edge Sprint)
SM-G928P (Galaxy S6 edge+ Sprint)
SM-N920P (Galaxy Note5 Sprint)
SM-J320P (Galaxy J3 Sprint) Removed
SM-G360P (Galaxy Core Prime Sprint) Removed
SM-G530P (
Galaxy Grand Prime Sprint)

SM-N910P (Galaxy Note 4 Sprint)
SM-N915P (Galaxy Note Edge Sprint)

Buy SamKey Box (Dongle) Credits

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SamKey Box (Dongle) Changelogs:

SamKey Box (Dongle) v3.01.6 Released !!!

– Bug Fixed : G530T/G530T1 Error (1092) in some PC
– Added latest security for New firmware versions N950U BIT3
– Improved G360T/G360T1/G530T/G530T1 Unlocking process
– Fixed Error (1092) in G360T/G360T1 in some Slow PC/Laptops

Removed support for some Sprints:
Because : People make me too much problems !
Like : G530P after unlock is not working with GSM ..etc…

SamKey Box (Dongle) v3.01.1 Released !!! World’s First !!!

PROMOTION EXTENDED Until 1/March/2018 !!!

– Added full support Unlock N950U BIT3 (T-Mobile,MetroPCS,Sprint,Verizon,Xfinity,…) World’s First 
– Added full support Unlock N950U1 BIT3 (T-Mobile,MetroPCS,Sprint,Verizon,Xfinity,…) World’s First 

– Added full support Unlock G360T (All SW versions) 
– Added full support Unlock G360T1  (All SW versions) 
– Added full support Unlock G530T (All SW versions)
– Added full support Unlock G530T1 (All SW versions) 

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.75.5 Released – What’s new ?
– Added support unlock J327P (ONLY BIT1 & BIT2)
– Added support unlock J727P  (ONLY BIT1 & BIT2)
– Added support unlock G360P, G530P
– Added support unlock N910P, N915P


SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.75.0 Released – What’s new ?
– Added support for some OLD Sprints : 
G920P, G925P, G928P, J320P, N920P

Notice : those old sprint models, will ALWAYS take 5 credits. 

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.73.5 Released – What’s new ?

This Promotion is for LIMITED Time only !!! Until 05/02/2018 !!!

– Added support unlock SM-G930VL Galaxy S7 TracFone
– Added some new / unknown security types S7/S7 Edge Newest Firmwares!
– Added support unlock SM-S550TL (Galaxy On5) TracFone
– Added ‘Read Info ADB’ function for Read phone info via ADB
– Fixed problem with HTC Sync
– Added Write QCN function
– Added some unknown types of security for DEC 25 2017
– Added auto detection DEBUG Level
– Deep SEC Calculate function improved, added any type of security
– Read phone info on Combination bug fixed.
– User interface has been improved
– Fixed bug in G930P BIT5 Write SEC

-Added support unlock G930P (S7) New Firmware level 5 (Binary 5) << WORLD’s FIRST >>
-Added support unlock G935P (S7 Edge) New Firmware level 5 (Binary 5) << WORLD’s FIRST >>

How to Unlock S7/S7 Edge level 5 :
1- Write Combination :
G930P Download
G935P Download
2- Calculate SEC
3- Write SEC
4- Write StockROM (Binary 5)

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.31.0 Released – What’s new ?
– Added support unlock new type of security SM-S337TL
(Fixed ‘SECURITY_FAIL’ in some S337TL)
– Added support unlock SM-S737TL (TracFone) <<< WORLD’s FIRST >>>
– Fixed problems for Writing SEC to Exynos Series if YOU HAVE Only 10 Credits Remain !!!

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.25.6 – What’s new?
– Problems with “Run as administrator” completely solved on some PCs
– Added some new security types
SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.25.5 Released – What’s new ?

– Auto skip of Custom Boot Writing for Combination Firmwares
– Fixed some of ‘Loading RIL applet failed’ due to shortage of Timeout
– Added support for some unknown security patch 2017
– Added support unlock J327T (T-Mobile)
– Added support unlock J327T1 (MetroPCS)

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.20 Released – What’s new ?

Notice :
What’s new :

v2.17.0 Released – What’s new ?

– Added ‘Repair SN’ function to repair NO SERIAL Number fault in Exynos phones.
* Phone must be done with Calculated SEC before with SamKey Box (Dongle)
– Added support for some new security types of SM-G955U
– Fixed some problems with Note7

v2.16.2 Released – What’s new ?

– Added support for some unknown (new) security types SM-G950U/SM-G955U
– Fixed bug in Exynos BULK Unlocking (big quantity)
– User interface improved
– Minor bugs has been fixed.
Notice :
It is highly recommended to use LATEST version of SamKey Box (Dongle) !

SamKey Box (Dongle) v2.11.2 Released – What’s new ?

– Added support unlock SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime : T-Mobile) > WORLD’s FIRST
– Added support unlock SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime : MetroPCS) > WORLD’s FIRST
– Added support unlock N950USQU1AQI5, N950USQU1AQI9 (WITHOUT Downgrade)
– Fixed bug with SM-N930T error

v2.05 – What’s new ?

– Increased speed of security calculation
– Added some unknown security types for new versions
– Auto ‘Run as administrator’ implemented
– Added new instruction data inside software
Notice :  It is highly recommended to use latest version !!!

v2.03 Released – What’s new ?

– Added support for Note7 T-Mobile (N930T)
– Added support for VERIZON : S7,S7Edge,Note7 (G930V,G935V,N930V)
– Added support for SPRINT : S7,S7Edge,Note7 (G930P,G935P,N930P)
– Improved cert calculation process.
– Improved QCN backup/restore process.