Refund Policy, Dispute, Charge Back & Solutions

Quote from Terms & Conditions:

We will make refunds to customers in the following cases:
1. Products We deliver wrong order (maintenance service, wrong order)
2. Refund cost
- In case of error on our part: We will bear the full return shipping cost.
- In case, due to personal needs, the customer wants to change another product: The customer bears the full cost of returning the goods and delivering the new product.
3. Refund conditions
Time: Office hours
- All mistakes from customers will not be refunded
We will refund customers in the following cases:
- The service we provide is not as described
- Customers want to refund the remaining amount when the need for use is over
- Refund when the order is successful but the product has not been received
This case occurs when our service is under maintenance, the customer wants to book but has not updated it on the website in time.
- Refund when the customer receives the product but the product is defective from our side.