Refund Policy, Dispute, Charge Back & Solutions

Quote from Terms & Conditions:

9. Dispute, Charge Back & Solutions.

9.1. You must contact us before opening dispute. S-Unlock will have no liability in case if you open dispute.

9.2. If Charge back after completed/delivered orders will be Re-Locked without any warnings. Will have cheater listed at Gsm Hosting.

9.3. If any amount is due at S-Unlock, it will be payable else delivered services will be Re-Locked. Will have cheater listed at Gsm Hosting.

9.4. Once your imei is Re-Locked by S-Unlock & if you want to re-unlock it, triple amount charge will be applied instead of first unlocked amount.

9.5. Account may blocked if you open PayPal dispute (useless) or charge back after completed orders.

9.6. S-Unlock always tries to resolve your issue privately by opening Ticket Support, Live Chat & Official Support Forum.
We recommended you that immediate contact support for help in case of any critical issue. You must allow up to 6 to 24 Hours to support respond.


10. Refund Policy.

S-Unlock allows refunding the PayPal payments. Refund fee 0.30$ with each transaction will be not refundable.

10.1. Typically, auto refunding system available at S-Unlock, such as once reject your orders means credits will be refunded at your S-Unlock account.

10.2. Refund available by PayPal deposited funds. Refund fee will be applied.

10.3. No refund by PayPal mass pay/Gift deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

10.4. No refund byMoneyGram Transfer, Bank Transfer & Western Money Transfer deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

10.5. No refund by bKash deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

10.6. No refund in case of any service delay.

10.7. No refund in case of wrong imei submission/wrong carrier/bad request submission.

10.8. No refund with any kinds of calculated services if wrong codes supplied by our source. Includes services: Samsung Factory codes, HTC Factory codes, LG Factory codes, Huawei Factory Codes, ZTE Factory Codes, SonyEricsson Factory Codes, Motorola Factory Codes, Alcatel Factory Codes, Blackberry Factory Codes, Nokia ls3 lbf & Any Generic, NCK unlock code.

10.9. You must submit a Ticket for refund by clicking Submit Ticket & Select 'Billing' department to continue (You must login with your account & submit ticket. You must mention the Invoice No at ticket) & you must allow up to 1-3 working days to process your query.